About us

The Tomato Man is proudly brought to you by Zheng Lu Tomatoes. We are a family business located in the beautiful Dairy Flat area of Auckland. Established in 1996, we have a long and successful record growing high quality fruit and vegetables. We sell our products at local markets, auctions, direct to vendors, and now, due to high demand, we are finally able to offer online sales! For more information about us and our history please check out the Our Story Page.


All our products come from Dairy flat, Auckland. We can guarantee that you are supporting a local family business.

The products grown in our greenhouses are spray free. This means that we do not use harmful pesticides and, instead, we use a natural Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system; Bees are a natural predator and we use them to control pests and minimise damage to crops. We also collect rain water from the roofs of our green houses, using it throughout the year to water our plants.

Spray Free

Spray Free


Only the FRESHEST food. All our products are picked and delivered to you within days. This ensures the highest nutritional content since we are not freezing our foods.

Our crops are grown directly in the ground; this means that they absorb all the nutrients and with it, the flavour! Nowadays, hydroponic systems are often used to grow tomatoes, this is why you may find that they taste watery elsewhere.


How it works

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Browse the shop and select your items. When you are done, place your order indicating your desired day and time for collection.

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Await confirmation

Once we confirm payment has been received we will begin processing your order. Once it is packed* we will send a completion email with pickup instructions.


*We pack your order as close to the pickup time as possible (either the night before or morning of collection). If you do not receive a completion email before you leave your home please call us on 022 532 3552.


Your order will be ready and waiting at our farm in Dairy Flat at your requested time